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Sullivan translates Gingrich, as if he matters

Translation: if they do it, it’s torture; if we do it, it’s an EIT. I think that’s called American exceptionalism: we can do whatever evil we like, because we’re America, and being America makes it all good. It’s the kind of parochial, ahistorical, self-loving, intellectually unserious cant we’ve been getting from the right for such a long time.

Gays have the power

Yes, donate and campaign and blog. But for all of those of you out there who are gay and do none of this, one simple political act can do much more: let your family, friends and co-workers know who you are. If you don’t, please quit complaining about your lack of civil rights.

Portfolios of the Poor

While the world’s poorest make a heroic effort to get by, their very best often isn’t good enough to save them and their children from hunger, sickness, and worse.

What might happen if the Christianists succeed

What happened to Tiller is a crime. What is also a criminal is that we already have a nation where women are forced into scenarios where all the choices are bad and made worse by the lack of freedom handed unequally to our gender in being able to access a doctor and determine what is right for our children and our families. This is Terry Schaivo territory. If the Christianists ever succeed in completely outlawing abortion, women in my situation will be forced to watch our newborns gasp their last breath and grow cold in our arms.

DOMA’s effects on families

The premise of the marriage waiver - and of all immigration law in the US - is that tearing families or married couples apart should be avoided at all costs. But bi-national gay married couples now have to face exactly that choice between spouse and country that the US has always avoided. Why? Because our marriages are null and void for the federal government under DOMA. Because our very being is regarded as sub-human.

Andrew Sullivan deported?

If Aaron were a woman, the HIV ban would not apply to me - since it’s waived when someone is married to an American citizen. Because he’s a man, I have no standing to stay in the US indefinitely and, if the HIV ban remains in place, we will have to decide to separate or move both of us to Europe in the near future. I am not alone. Two other prominent bloggers, Glenn Greenwald and Chris Crain, are also forced to live outside this country because their loved ones cannot be allowed in.

Pit (image)

Santosh? (image)

I actually thought it was an old friend/fuck buddy of mine.

Santosh? (image)
I actually thought it was an old friend/fuck buddy of mine.

Santosh? (image)

I actually thought it was an old friend/fuck buddy of mine.