Can I find 100 people who still care?

Hola desde de Buenos Aires!

This is Rick, someone you donated to help keep alive at some point. Well, I’m happy to say, it worked.

I just came out of surgery on the 15th of April and it went better than expected. If you remember, my most recent scans had indicated that the tumors were so small that they could no longer be detected on my liver or peritoneum.

The surgery was intended to find whatever cancer remained and remove it.

You can imagine my shock, after lots of bad news, and after waiting for over a year, when they told me they didn’t find any cancer.

Let me repeat: No. Visible. Cancer.

That doesn’t mean it’s not there, just that they can’t see it. But, wow! Right?

My next surgery in about 6 weeks will be to remove the colostomy. After recovery I can hopefully begin living a normal life again.

I’ve started writing for the UK version of ehow, but they haven’t published any of my articles yet. I’m finally able to do art walks but it’s turning cold here and tourism is down. I’m down to my last 6 pesos, and still need to eat, still need to buy medical supplies, will need to pay rent again in 3 weeks.

So I’m returning to the well of generosity once again in hopes that there’s still water there to draw from.

But, I’d like to do it somewhat differently. Please donate USD $10 if you can and then ask and encourage a friend or colleague to do the same via social media, or better yet, email.

Share my blog. Reblog, retweet, share.

If 100 people donate $10 I can breathe easy for a month or so, and the impact on any one individual’s wallet would be negligible. My total follower/friend count online is 50 times that. Yours probably is, too.

You’ve already helped get me this far. Please help me cross the finish line — it’s so close! — and thanks so much for your support.

M PayPal address is mettray at gmail dot com.